Before this wee trip, the last time I set foot in this big little country was many, many years ago, even before the construction of the now iconic Marina Bay Sands, under the comfortable and worry-free wings of my family, visiting my uncle who lives there. I remembered nothing aside that it was awesome, because we lived with my uncle in his apartment, which housed incredible luxuries to me as a kid, namely a pool, a lift, keyless entry doorways, a basement car park and most of all, a view.

It was earlier this year that I thought it's about damn time I pay this place a proper visit, this time making it a solo trip so I can do whatever the heck I want. Fascinatingly, walking the streets of Singapore was one of the largest culture shocks I experienced. This is strange, because the social demographics in Singapore were almost exactly the same in Malaysia. From a (too) short three days of wandering, I observed the most jarring yet wonderful clashing and integration of culture. Sadly, this realisation was only conceived after the trip, hence the photos I took did not convey what I wished them to, in that sense.

There are many things to say about this mighty country, but this is not a travel blog. But what I will say, is that is has character. I think there is enough value in that to make it a worthy destination.

Sadly, I couldn't do much in a mere three days. I only managed the Marina Bay area, Chinatown and a bit of the shopping district, with museum visitations, browsing book stores and eating in between. Photos are a mix of camera and iPhone.


Me and cousin.

Me and cousin.