Portraits of My Sister



It pains me that I was not there for you when you underwent the most change.

I missed out on all your transition periods, your milestones.

I couldn't teach you what I knew, what I've been through.

Birthdays, graduation, heartbreaks.

I hold fast to what remnants there are of our childhood.

Memories, photos. The silly games.

They fade, they get lost. We stopped playing.

But I have never changed what I thought of you.

Despite distance.

My fondness of you remains steadfast and unwavering.

Despite distance.

In fact, it grows, as the maturing of trees -

Taller, bigger, stronger.

Despite distance.

Though I am still getting to know you,

And you me...

Know this -

You are my sister,

and none shall replace you.


Karekare beach, New Zealand, 2012.


Kaikoura, New Zealand, 2012.




Bedroom, 2016.


CHristchurch, New Zealand, 2017.


Luang Prabang, Laos, 2017.


Hotel room, Taiping, 2016.


Being elegant.



Not being elegant.


I miss you, my sweet sister.