While exploring the length of the beach, we stumbled upon this beautifully rugged piece of driftwood. It stopped me in my tracks as I gaped at it in wonder. I knew I was in the presence of something more than just a piece of dead wood. While there were other branches and logs and such lying around, this particular piece of... artwork, if I may call it that, stood out in the sand in its silent majesty. It knew it was special. What boggles my mind is how nature is capable of crafting the most unpredictable and beautiful works of art. It is no wonder the greats like legendary architect Antoni Gaudí and biologist/artist Ernst Haeckel drew inspiration from their surroundings.

I mean, just look at it!

I mean, just look at it!

It was almost all in white, save for some blemishes. Now as I view it, I realise it was partially buried. But at that moment, I couldn't contain my excitement - my mind unable to register anything logical. I walked all about it, being increasingly amazed as my eyes took in all the details. The shapes, the angles, the lines, the patterns, the gaps, the contouring, the marks... it was so random, so irregular, yet so perfect. 

As you look through these images, I urge you to pay attention to all the little details - scrutinize them individually, and then consider them as a whole. It felt like I was in an art gallery really.


I cannot describe properly my state of being at that point. It was just pure and wonderful and unblemished and surreal. It was like I was surrendering myself, unable to fathom what was before me. I kept shaking my head; I kept exclaiming in bewilderment. I think the only words that emerged from my mouth were "what", "epic" and "crazy". This might all sound trivial to some people, and sure you can call me weird, but to allow yourself to be affected by your surroundings is one of the most raw, powerful and transcending experiences you can have. The best part is you don't have to do much, just let it!